Ahoy, me hearties! Welcome aboard Aquariann's Giveaway Chest. Sail along while I search for treasure, but beware that I am not responsible for the content on the blogs that we're pillaging for prizes.

20160130 Jewelry #Giveaway: Butterfly Necklace

Treasure: Butterfly Necklace
Walks the Plank: January 30, 2016
Open Ports: Worldwide

Plunder Jewelry Giveaway on Aquariann's Blog


  1. It feels like I'm taking a law exam rather than enter for treasure when each entry says "do it or be disqualified"

    1. Unfortunately, I've had to disqualify a lot of people for not actually doing the entries they say they did. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone were honest and I didn't have to verify each entry from the winner? :(

    2. Yes I know that's the reason why, I figured you must have had a loooot of cheaters.

      Maybe there's another way to ward them off though while still keeping it fun? if you figure it out, you'll do it :)

    3. Thanks for the advice! I'll put on my thinking cap, but for now I did rewrite the warning so it sounds more polite. :D